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Dr. Laura Thompson Middle School Teacher of the Month September 2018

Dr. Laura Thompson and her husband, Chris, live in Pontotoc, MS, where they are members of Immanuel Baptist Church. They have one daughter, Lauren Doerfer, who lives in Houston, TX. Dr. Thompson has degrees from Mississippi State University, Louisiana State University, and the University of Mississippi. Before coming to TCPS, she was an associate professor at Louisiana Tech University. Dr. Thompson is beginning her sixth year at TCPS where she chairs the fine arts department, teaches music, and leads the junior high and high school choirs. Dr. Thompson finds it wonderful to work at a school where prayer is

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Susan Davis High School Teacher of the Week August 2018

Mrs. Susan’s primary role at TCPS is serving as our high school guidance counselor, but while working with her each day, I have realized that she fills many positions on our campus. From scheduling to advising our students and making sure they are headed in the right direction academically and spiritually, her influence is felt in many ways. On a personal level, Mrs. Susan met her husband Justin in grad school at Ole Miss (where dreams come true every day). They have two children, Cooper and Maggie, who attend church with them at The Orchard, here in Tupelo. She and

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Mrs. Vinson Elementary Teacher of the Month August 2018

Art Teacher, Mrs. Vinson, is our Elementary Teacher of the Month. Mrs. Vinson teaches students art history, art appreciation, and art as a creative process in her art class. She says, “I have always enjoyed working with children because they are curious and fearless artists. When I witness a ‘Whoa!’ reaction or hear them connect our lesson to Scripture on their own, I feel like I did my job that day.” During the first week of school, Mrs. Vinson led students to reflection, asking students, “What is art?” “Art is a time to express your feelings, to take a

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Andi Wilhit Middle School Teacher of the Month August 2018

Andi Wilhite is a graduate of Blue Mountain College and recently started her 15th year at TCPS. Throughout the years, Andi has taught Bible, biology, A & P, and middle school science. She has served as the department chair for science and history and is currently the lead teacher in the Middle School. Andi is a member of Furrs Baptist Church where she serves as the minister of music and has for 13 years. She has two sons, Jared (29), who is currently serving our country in Kuwait, and Cayson (24), who lives in Tupelo. Andi loves to read, and

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