Elementary Faculty


Kirsten Aguirre

BS in Elementary Education/Mississippi State University

Masters in Early Childhood Education/University of Memphis

2nd year at TCPS; 13 years total

Pre-First Teacher

Wanda Bland
Associate Degree- ICC-Tupelo/Fulton MS

Child Development Technology

24 years at TCPS; 30 years total

Pre-K Teacher

Jane Cox

Elementary Computer

6 years at TCPS; 6 years total

Samuel Bennett
BS, Elementary Education Alcorn State University

Educator's License - State of Mississippi

Elementary K-6, Reading K-12

ACSI Certified (Elementary)

3 years at TCPS; 14 years total

5th Grade Spelling, Bible, History

Donna Clement
BS Elementary Education, Mississippi State University

M.Ed. School Counseling, Mississippi State University

12 years at TCPS; 19 years total

Elementary Guidance Counselor

Sharon Dickerson
BS from MS State University-Elementary Education

Masters from Ole Miss-Elementary Education

Specialist from Ole Miss-Reading

AAA in Elementary Education

ACSI certification and MS certification

11 years at TCPS; 44 years total

1st Grade

Karla Garrett
Elementary Education-Blue Mountain College

Educator's License - State of Mississippi

Elementary K-8

ACSI Certified

23 years at TCPS; 23 years total

4th Grade

Stacy Gray
Bachelors of Science; University of Mobile

Reading Specialist; Certified Academic Language Therapist

11 years at TCPS; 26 years total

Nancy Golding
BA,MEd, University of Mississippi

Elementary Education K-8 certificate, ACSI standard certificate

17 years TCPS, 42 years total

4th grade

Robin Herrod

BS - Elementary Education with Middle School Concentration

Mississippi State University

State of Mississippi's Educator's License:  Library/Media Specialists

(K-12), Elementary Education, English (K-12), Math (K-12), and Social

Studies (K-12)

ACSI Certification:  Library/Media Specialists (K-12), Elementary

Education, English (K-12), Math (K-12), and Social Studies (K-12)

5 years at TCPS; 6 years total

Elementary Librarian

Deborah A. Lansdell
B.S. Southeastern Bible College, Birmingham, AL

ACSI Certified

30 years at TCPS; 37 years total

3rd Grade

Betsy Mastin
B.A. "Fine Arts:Emphasizing Visual Arts"

Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa, North Carolina

"Art Education (K-12)"; Shorter College, Rome, Georgia

Masters Degree: "Ministry in Bible"; Covington Theological Seminary,

Rossville, Georgia

Doctorate: "Ministry in Bible"; Covington Theological Seminary, Rossville, Georgia

2nd Doctorate:  Biblical Counseling, Covington Theological Seminary.

10 years at TCPS; 26 years total

Art (1st - 6th grades)

Allyson Noland
B.S. Florida State University

Master of Arts in Teaching; Liberty University

Pursuing a Master of Education in School Counseling from Liberty


6 years at TCPS; 11 years total

Mississippi Educator License K-6th Grade

4th Grade

Peggy Pierce
Bachelor of Science - University of North Alabama

Certificate in K-12 Physical Education

15 Years at TCPS; 30 years total

Pre-k - 5th grade Physical Education

Cari Rowe
Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

Freed-Hardeman University, Henderson, TN

Certificate in Elementary Education Grades 1-8

9 years at TCPS;10 years total

3rd Grade

Amanda Carter Sanders

University of North Alabama

Florence, Alabama

Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education K-6

9 years at TCPS

Kathryn Sapp
BS Elementary Education, Pensacola Christian College
Certifications: K-6
15 years at TCPS; 15 years total
1st Grade

Melissa Scott

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education K-8

Blue Mountain College

2 years at TCPS; 6 years total

2nd Grade

Stacy Smith

BS in Elementary Ed. from Blue Mountain College

ACSI (Elem. Ed.) and State of Mississippi K-8;8-12 Social Studies and


11 years at TCPS; 12 years total

2nd Grade

Christy Todd
BS in Elementary Education and Certificate in Special Education/Blue

Mountain College

Masters in Elementary Education/Walden University

State of Mississippi Certification in Elementary Education and Special


5 years at TCPS; 36 years total


Traci Wardlaw
BA in Elementary Ed (K-8); University of Mississippi

3rd year at TCPS; 31 years total

5th Grade: Math; Science

Tina Ray

3rd/4th  Grade Assistant

7 years at TCPS

Jan White

BMUED, Evangel University, Springfield, MO

Instrumental and vocal music K-12

15 years at TCPS; 29 years total

Elementary music

Amy Williams
Bachelor of Science, Blue Mountain College
Elementary Education K-8

Mississippi and ACSI Educator License (K-8)
18 years at TCPS; 18 years total

Melissa Worley
BS, Mississippi State University
Certificate in Elementary Education K-8/7-12 (Science and Social Studies)
13 years at TCPS;13 years total
5th Grade Language Arts

Paula Yates
Bachelors of Elementary Ed; Mississippi College
2 years at TCPS; 12 years total
1st Grade


Secondary Faculty


Craig Barnard

Middle School Bible, Middle School Drama

B.A. in Christian Ministries (Belhaven College)

M.A. in Theological Studies (Covenant Seminary)

A.C.S.I. Certification (Bible)

2 years at TCPS

Mary Beth Barnard

6th Grade Language Arts, Reading, Science

B.S. in Elementary Education (Belhaven College)

A.C.S.I. Certification Elementary Education (K-8th)

State of MS Certification Elementary Education (K-8th)

3 years at TCPS

Elaine Bunn

English IV, Dual Credit Speech and Health, Creative Writing

English and Foreign Language Department Head and ICC Dual Credit


MA, Health and Physical Education/Emphasis in Administration

BS, Health and Physical Education (University of North Alabama)

Educator's License - State of Mississippi (English 7-12, Physical

Education (K-12)

Masters in Education (University of Mississippi)

Masters in Recreation Administration (University of Mississippi)

ACSI Educator's License -Health, Physical Education, English)

15 years at TCPS; 15 years total

Scott Burns

Digital Video/Media

Former United States Marine

Beverly Cotton

World History, U.S. History, Dual Credit U.S. History,


B.S. in Social Science/Secondary Education (Southern Arkansas


M.A. in Educational Leadership (University of Mississippi)

A.C.S.I. Certification (Social Science and Educational Leadership)

State of MS Certification (K-12th Administration and Social Studies)

Susan Davis

Secondary Guidance Counselor

B.A. in Psychology  (University of Mississippi)

M.A. in Counselor Education (University of Mississippi)

A.C.S.I. Certification (Guidance Counselor and English)

3 years at TCPS; 10 years total

Shaune Holiday

7th grade U.S. History, 8th Grade U.S. History, 7-8th P.E./Life Skills

Bachelor of Arts (University of Mississippi)

A.C.S.I. Certification (History)

7 years at TCPS; 7 years total

Brenda Key
Dual Credit English, French II and III

B.A. in English (University of Mississipp)

Masters English Education (University of Southern Mississippi)

A.C.S.I. Certification (English, French)

State of Mississippi Certification: English 7-12, French, Gifted

7 years TCPS, 29 years total

Jackie Lenderman

Middle School Computer, Computer Applications, Foundations in


B.S. in Business Education (Mississippi University for Women)

A.C.S.I. Certification (Business and Computer Technology)

State of Mississippi Certification (Business Education)

3 years at TCPS; 31 years total


Will Lowrey
Development Director

B.A. in Business Administration (Delta State University)

M.S. in Athletic Administration (Western Kentucky University)

A.C.S.I. Certified in Business

7 years at TCPS; 7 years total

Amber McHenry

English I, English II, French I, Sociology/Psychology

B.A. in English and French (University of Mississippi)

A.C.S.I. Certification (English, French, Social Science)

State of MS Certification (English, French, Social Studies)

Gary Medlock
English II, Mississippi Studies, World Geography, Shakespeare

B.A. in English (University of Mississippi)

M.A. in English (Mississippi State University)

A.C.S.I. Certification (English and History)

6 years at TCPS; 11 years total

Adam Preston
Math 7, Yearbook, Drama, Journalism

B.S. in Mathematics (Blue Mountain)

B.S. in Math Education (Blue Mountain College)

A.C.S.I. Certification (Bible and Math)

State of Mississippi Certification (Bible and Math)

5 years at TCPS; 5 years total

Dennis Robbins

Middle School World History and U.S. History

B.S. in Science (Delta State University)

M.A. in Teaching, Coaching and Administration (University of Mississippi

and Mississippi State University)

State of Mississippi Certification (Biology, Driver's Education)

Mariela Roman

Middle School Spanish, Spanish I, II, III

B.S in Marketing (Florida Gulf Coast University)

M.A. in Modern Languages (University of Mississippi)

A.C.S.I. Certification (Spanish and Business)

2 years at TCPS; 2 years total

Dr. Laura Thompson
Dual Credit Music Appreciation, Middle School General Music,

Middle/High School Choir

Fine Arts Department Head

B.S. in Music Education (Mississippi State University)

M.A. in Vocal Performance(Louisiana State University)

D.A. in  Vocal Pedagogy (University of Mississippi)

A.C.S.I. Certification (Music)

4 years at TCPS; 36 years total

Cristy Underwood
Middle School Health and P.E.

B.S. in Education (Blue Mountain College)

A.C.S.I. Certification (Physical Education)

7 years at TCPS; 7 years total

James Underwood
Dual Credit World Relgions, Apologetics, Church History, Philosophy,

Trigonometry & PreCalculus, AP Calculus

Bible Department Head

B.A. in Biblical Studies ( Blue Mountain College)

B.S. in Math (Blue Mountain College)

B.S. in Education (Blue Mountain College)

M.A. in Theological Studies  (Liberty University)

A.C.S.I. Certification in Bible, Mathematics, and History

11 years at TCPS; 11 years total

Greg Warnick

Biology I, Biology II, Latin

B.A. in Biology (Baylor University)

M.S. in Gerontology (Baylor University)

A.C.S.I. Certification (Biology)

3 years at TCPS; 3 years total

Lori Warnick
Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, ACT Prep

Math Department Head

B.S. in Math and English (Baylor University)

A.C.S.I. Certification (Math and English)

State of Mississippi Certification (Math and English)

10 years at TCPS; 13 years total

Andi C. Wilhite

Middle School Life and Earth Science

Science and History Department Head

B.S. in Science and English (Blue Mountain College)

A.C.S.I. Certification (Science, English)

13 years at TCPS, 14 years total

David Wilkerson

Driver's Education

B.S. in Physical Education (University of North Alabama)

M.A. in Physical Education (Delta State University)

State of MS Certification (Driver's Ed, P.E. Health)

Rachel Zemek

6th Grade Math, History, Bible

B.S. in Elementary Education (K-6th) (University of Alabama)

A.C.S.I. Certification (Elementary Education, English, History)

State of MS Certification (Elementary Ed., English, History)