Request information:

Christy Edens


Application (per family) Fee (Non-Refundable)

Registration  Fee (Non-Refundable)

Testing Fee (Non-Refundable) if needed

Completed and signed Registration  form

Signed Consent of Parents to Release Student  Records

Signed acknowledgement: Doctrinal Statement, Statement of Parent  Agreement, Dispute Resolution Statement, Academic Rigor Statement, AV release  statement, Technology Policy, and (grades 7-12) Student Statement of Conduct

Completed Medical and Emergency contact and  authorizations (current)

Completed Activity Selection form

Transcript (Grades, Achievement Test Scores and any special testing  or special ed. records)

Copy of birth certificate

Immunization records (current)

Completed Kindergarten Questionnaire (for those  entering Kindergarten)

Completed Student Questionnaire (only for grades  7-12)

Completed Student Essay (7-12)

Completed Student Autobiography Essay (9-12)

Completed Administrator Recommendation form  (1-12)

Completed Teacher Recommendation form (1-12)

Completed Minister Recommendation form

Completed TCPS admission test results

Enrollment Forms:

Please visit either Elementary or Secondary offices for the respective application packet or call to have one mailed to you.

(662) 844-8604