Leading students, in partnership with Christian families, to know Christ and make Him known through rigorous academics, challenging athletics, stimulating arts, and servant-hood activities


Christ-centered: TCPS is committed to providing a challenging instructional program that is Christ-centered, biblically based which forms the foundation of all truth and promotes a standard of academic rigor while assisting those who demonstrate strong learning potential and preparing all for the next stage of academic pursuit and life.

Covenant School: TCPS is committed to being a covenant school:
• TCPS serves families where at least one parent is a professing Christian.
TCPS enrolls new students at the high school level (9th – 12th grades) who profess Christ and are active in a church.

Servant Leadership: TCPS is a Board-governed, staff-managed school, which is committed to a governance model of integrity and servant leadership, thus ensuring operational standards that deliver the Mission of the school.

Christian Mentoring: TCPS is committed to recruiting and retaining professionally equipped teachers who are Christian role-model mentors, committed to lead and graduate students by fusing the message of Christ into every aspect of the daily learning experience.

Technology Embracing: TCPS is committed to embracing and integrating modern technology use as a tool in the instruction of students and in communicating with staff, families, and community.

Church Supportive: TCPS encourages respect, involvement, support, and service to the church.

Community Involvement: TCPS is committed to missions, ministry, outreach, and service to our home community and beyond to engage the culture and change it.Astute Stewardship: TCPS is committed to properly compensate teachers and staff, and to maintain facilities and equipment, which reflect the value of the school’s Mission and meet standards for accreditation.

Financially Responsible: TCPS is committed to fiscal stability, through accountable financial management, including a balanced operational budget from tuition, student-related fees, and auxiliary enterprises.

Institutional Advancement: TCPS is committed to an Institutional Advancement program, which funds and staffs its Vision, Mission, Core Values, and teacher and student profiles.

Gifts Development: TCPS is committed to offer a broad range of athletics, fine arts, social and extra-curricular activities to allow students to enjoy God through life experiences while living the standards of Christ.      


Christ first, Academics second to none