Wearing the TCPS Uniform means you are a brother, and integral part of the family, that you are not expendable; you are not replaceable…when you put on this uniform, the opposition will know that you have worked hard, that you will play with Christ’s passion and that you will show great character and resilience no matter what the situation.

Logan Ayers

Class of 2009

Dear Potential TCPS Families,

I know that you want the best possible education for children in the best possible environment. I know that you long for your children to be taught under Godly teachers and encouraged by caring staff. I know that you are concerned for their future. I know these things because you would not be looking at Tupelo Christian Preparatory School if this was not the case. I want to tell you that if these are your worries, then you can stop searching. If you will allow it, Tupelo Christian Preparatory will become second home for you and your children. Here you will find everything you want in a school and so much more.

Let me introduce myself— my name is Hannah Humphrey, and I am proud to say that I am a complete and whole educational product of TCPS. In 1997, I began my education at Tupelo Christian as a kindergartener. From that first day of kindergarten until graduation from high school in 2010, I remained at TCPS. During that time, I was shaped and pushed and grown into the successful person I am today, and I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for this school, I’m not sure where I would be. From the phenomenal teaching staff and rigorous academics to the outstanding coaching staff and challenging athletics to the Christian atmosphere of the school, the world was literally opened up for me. Whether your student longs to teach, to
be a doctor, to be an engineer, or wants to work in the public sector as I do, they will find their drive, their ambition, and their Christian background in
this school.

One of the most fantastic features of TCPS is how well academics are handled in the school. With small class sizes, no student goes unnoticed, and no problem goes unseen. The most incredible teachers are brought to this school to teach and to guide the students and they are a major part of why this school has been so successful. The staff, from those who work in the early elementary school to those at the high school level, is an absolutely wonderful mix of Godly individuals who want to be a catalyst in each child’s success. Your child will not be lost in the crowd; the teachers at TCPS push each child to be extraordinary in their own individual way. Whether it be teaching fractions, dissecting frogs, analyzing literature, or remembering history, the teachers at TCPS will go above and beyond what is expected of them to truly make a difference in the lives of each student.

God has truly blessed TCPS, and I believe that he continues to work inside the lives of each student, parent, and faculty member who becomes a part of the TCPS family. This school truly means the world to me, and I know that it could mean the same to you one day.

Best Regards,

Hannah Humphrey

Valedictorian, TCPS Class of 2010