From the human perspective, we believe that a school rises or falls on the ability of its faculty. All of our teachers are not only academically and emotionally, but also spiritually, prepared to teach in our school. There is no room for a non-Christian or an uncommitted Christian to teach at Tupelo Christian Preparatory School and each teacher measures up to this expectation. TCPS has teachers who belong to Christ, believe the Bible to be totally true and by the pattern of their life behave in an encouraging way (being biblically firm and biblically forgiving) with the students and a cooperative way with families.

Our teachers are academically prepared. This means teachers who not only know their subject matter, but also teachers who respect the truth; vitalize the truth, and who are capable of inspiring students to have a passion for the truth. This also means that our teachers are degreed and certified and are teaching in their field. Forty-four percent of our teachers hold advanced degrees. The average number of years of teaching experience for the TCPS teachers is fourteen.

Our teaching staff represents the very best that the Christian culture has to offer. We believe that a Christian teacher is a guide to wisdom! We understand "wisdom" to be the awareness of God and His laws and divine principles at work! We have become God's children through faith in Jesus Christ; thus, we have the sacred privilege and the high responsibility of developing our own walk with God and helping those whom God has committed to our care to have this same opportunity and privilege.