Art Teacher, Mrs. Vinson, is our Elementary Teacher of the Month. Mrs. Vinson teaches students art history, art appreciation, and art as a creative process in her art class. She says, “I have always enjoyed working with children because they are curious and fearless artists. When I witness a ‘Whoa!’ reaction or hear them connect our lesson to Scripture on their own, I feel like I did my job that day.”

During the first week of school, Mrs. Vinson led students to reflection, asking students, “What is art?”

“Art is a time to express your feelings, to take a break, and to have fun!” (Annelise Fagan, 4th )

“I think art is a canvas field of God’s beauty.” (Julia Hutch Harrison, 2nd)“

Art is a time to put your imagination to use on paper or canvas. Art is about fun. If you mess up, it is ok; it is for fun.” (Mac Fortner, 4th)

Mrs. Vinson teaches counter-culturally in that she provides a peaceful and creative space in an over-stimulated world. She says, “I want to give the kids a peaceful and creative experience when they come to art. A quiet time to think seems rare in this busy, visually stimulating world. I love Psalm 46:10 because it values a moment to reflect when it expresses, ‘Be still and know that I am God.’ The moment we realize, we discover.”

Thank you, Mrs. Vinson, for helping our students reflect, create, and discover.