Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)
Parents play a vital role of TCPS. We need parental involvement to accomplish what God is calling us to do in our school community. This section of the website is designed to be a helpful resource for parents, so if you have any ideas on how to improve this section please contact the webmaster. Thank you for allowing us to partner with your family in the education and training of your children.

2015-16 Officers:  

President: Mika Brown   (662) 231-0644  

Co-Vice President: Aubre Wells (662) 231-4199

Co-Vice President:  Jennifer Kessler  (662) 255-3761

Secretary:  Amanda Long  (828) 273-3119

Treasurer:  Shae Crumpton   (662) 322-3064

Co-Treasurer:  Laura Spencer   (225) 281-9078

Fundraising:  Paige Kelly (662) 491-0238

Fundraising: Dawn Vernon (662) 416-5575

Fundraising: Ashley Goralczyk  (662) 871-7645

The purpose of our Parent Teacher Fellowship, as stated in their By-Laws is to promote unity in our school family through coordination of parent programs, communication, fellowship and encouragement of one another, our administration and teachers; to continually improve and enhance the quality of our school; to promote positive public relations within our school community; and to foster volunteerism and involvement within our school.

By having students enrolled in TCPS, you are automatically a member of the PTF. However, please prayerfully consider getting involved with the PTF; our students need parents to be active in the school community. If you want to know how you can become involved with the time you have available OR if you have any questions, please contact the PTF.



HR Mom Coordinator - Mary Margaret Simmons   (662) 322-1115

Hospitality - Susan Pilgrim   (662) 255-9728, Traci Watson (662) 231-4390, Susan Pilgrim (662) 255-9728

Teacher Appreciation -

Trish McCluney (901) 413-4501

Brandy Patterson (662) 488-1261

 Shellie O'Rear (504) 559-0517

Heather Wolfe (662) 401-3125

Lisa Campbell (662) 231-1292

Box Tops - Laquita Harris (662) 610-7701

Kroger Cards - Amanda Perry (601) 316-0450

Spirit Store - Beth Kelly (662) 397-3526 and Micki Lindsey (662) 401-6623

Thank you Notes - Debra White  (662) 891-8945

Resale - Jill Graff  (662) 401-6623