Secondary Music Faculty:

Susan Marsico

Choral Director / Music Teacher

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Choral Activities:

Junior High Choir (Grades 7-8)

High School Choir (Grades 9-12)

Mission Statement of the Fine Arts Department:

Our primary objective in the fine arts department is to
educate students in the areas of art, music, and theatre. Our hope as educators
is to make the arts applicable and important to the everyday life of the
student; while teaching them to focus their creative efforts towards Christ,
the true creative artist of humanity.

Choral Music Course

Choral music is an interdisciplinary subject. The subject
content of this course will explore aspects of human anatomy and biology,
history, literature, ancient and modern foreign languages, biblical studies,
and most of all – music. Modern science has proven that students that
participate in choral ensembles and music courses are smarter and more
effective communicators. From a biblical standpoint – the bible mentions
singing or making music over 500 times, as music and singing are integral parts
of Christian worship.