June 6, 2016

Video Update (click here) 

Cash for Entire Project:  $2,080,062

Pledges to be collected:  $162,537

    Estimated Dollars needed to fully fund our Entire Project:  $190,195

 We need your support now more than ever!

Items needed to Fully Fund Entire Project (click here)


   These projects are bare bones, they are not fully funded.  We need all our pledges to materialize and we all need to pull together to make it happen.  There are many things that the pledges will need to cover such as landscaping, signage, alternates such as brick siding and covered walks.  Pledges will help push these projects over the top and bring these to fruition.  

Board President, Rick Reddout, offers his comments on the project, "These are exciting time for TCPS. Our campus is changing rapidly and this is only the beginning.  The opportunity to turn this place into something special is right in front of us."

The board is focused on completing the project that we presented on February 5, 2015 to our families, while also planning for additional needs at this time.  Once this Phase I is complete, we will continue our fundraising efforts for the next priorities on our list such as additional expenses for the Middle School, additional parking/pavement, etc.


Anyone who donates to this campaign will get a brick to place on the new walk

between the Middle School and the Elementary.