Bradyn Long started at TCPS in the 5 th grade and is currently a 6 th grader. He
participates in baseball, basketball and chess at TCPS and is also a member of
Boy Scouts. Bradyn likes that everything that is studied at TCPS goes back to the
Bible. He likes camping, legos, chess, drawing and creating things. Bradyn’s
favorite subject is math. His teachers chose Philippians 2:4 to describe Bradyn,
“Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of
others. “ They went on to say that this verse mirrors that of Bradyn’s heart and
consideration of others. Bradyn is always finding ways to lend a hand and offer
encouragement to his peers. He exemplifies strong leadership skills, maintains a
positive attitude, and spreads sunshine throughout the middle school campus.
Bradyn’s favorite verse is Matthew 28:19-20.