2018-19 School Board Members

Scott Cochran, President
Tollie White, Vice-President
Jason Carroll
Ginger Harbour
Melanie Harrison
David Parker
Amy Fagan
Jeff Fox
Johnathan Freer
Rod Whitlock

The School Board of TCPS is comprised of parents of our school family. The Board is the governing body of the school and as such is responsible for the establishment of policy and the financial accountability of the school. These individuals are men and women of prayer who are committed to  personal and organizational integrity, strategic leadership, and are focused on the future of TCPS while not forgetting where God has already brought  us.

While  we are obviously grateful to the members of the Board for their service, we are deeply appreciative to their spouses and children who share them with us. Please remember to pray for these men and women during your daily prayer time for TCPS.