Eagle Nation,

In Acts 1:8, the Bible says, “…you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”  Eagle Nation is “All In” this season as we pray for unity among our (TCPS) community and demonstrate it to those that God brings on our campus.  One heart that desires to know Jesus and make Him known should be witnessed by those that attend an athletic event where TCPS is present.  How will you as a parent, player, spectator be salt and light in a place that we have to be careful with our testimony (athletics).  Biblical worldview involves creation, fall, and redemption.  In creation all was good then the fall disrupted this goodness and nothing was left untouched.  How can TCPS help redeem athletics as we are not only changed agents but agents of change?

“All In” means that we are willing to work the gate, concessions, pick up trash or whatever to help the program and lend a hand.  Are you willing to serve in the meal after home football games where we feed the opponent and serve them while sharing a testimony or devotion?  We frequently mention athletics being the front porch for TCPS as numerous visitors watch us in this arena.  Please assist me in being sure we “represent”.

God has been faithful to send new assistants and we assigned new roles to some of our TCPS people.  We are excited about all He has done with our athletic progam and are anxious to see his hand throughout another year at TCPS.  Let it be clear that we are producing champions at TCPS in the classroom and in our co-curricular areas.  The proof will be in the husbands and wives and citizens these young people will become.

In conclusion let me be clear that we intend to win as Corinthians states, “only one receives the prize so run to win…”  may we UNIFIED strive to attain wins while remembering to give God the glory as we let our lights shine before men.  Join Eagle Nation today and get on board with us as we go on this journey together in offering challenging athletics as we partner with Christian families.

Athletic Director – Aubrey Boren

In accordance with the mission statement of Tupelo Christian Preparatory School, athletics is one medium by which we disciple and spread the gospel to our student athletes and the crucible by which they are tested and strengthened mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Exemplify Christ: The love of Christ should shine through us
Accept God’s Providence: In losses and injuries
Glorify God: Worship him with our abilities
Love our Brethren: Whether on our team or our opponent’s team
Enjoy God: Christ-centered in all of our relationships
Strive for humility: Be a good winner